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Split Drawer Warmers

Model: HDW-1R2
Model: HDW-2R2

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Hold everything from meat to vegetables to rolls in the Hatco Split Drawer Warmer.
•Each Drawer features adjustable sliding vents and individual thermostatic controls.
•Stainless steel construction throughout.
•Standard 2 1/2" (64 mm) deep pan supplied with each drawer lifts straight out.
•Each drawer will accomodate one 1/2 sheet pan.
•Completely insulated individual cavities provide maximium energy efficiency.

Glo-Ray® Infrared Strip Heaters (GRA, GRAH)

Model: GRA-36H

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Hatco Glo-Ray® Infrared Strip Heaters use a pre-focused heat pattern to direct heat from a tubular element bathing the entire holding surface.
•Available in widths from 18" to 8' (457-2438 mm).
•Sturdy continuous aluminum housings eliminate sagging.
•Variety of models, configurations, colors and accessories provide unlimited design flexibility.

Toast-Max Conveyor Toaster

Model: TM-10H

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Slice Capacity :: 360 per hour
Bread Types :: Breads and Buns
Size: 368 x 416 x 387mm
Kw :: 2.3
Power :: 13 amp plug