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Immersion Mixer

Model: HMI200

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•Tough 175 watt motor
•9"/23 cm shaft for deep bowls
•4 blades with 5 cutting edges for quick chopping
•Blade guard designed for reduced splashing

•Heavy-duty motor for long life
•Unbreakable ABS handle
•Thick stainless steel shaft a 0.5 L daiquiri in just 20 seconds

◦2 speeds for blending, pureeing, emulsifying & whipping
◦Convenient storage hook

Food Blender

model: 990

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Provides enough power and durability to handle the professional demands of hotels, bars, restaurants, hospitals, and nursing homes.
Two Speed Power…
Two speed versatility with pulse option provides precision blending, mixing, chopping -- even pureeing of hot and cold items.
Durable Stainless Steel Blades…
Four stainless steel cutting and mixing blades ensure quick, thorough blending. Special accessory is included for easy blade unit removal.
4.55 L Stainless Steel Container...
Durable stainless steel container features dual metal clamps and handles for extra security during and after blending -- clamps hold lid tightly shut; two handles make container easier to grasp and remove from base. A heavy-duty rubber gasket around the lid prevents leakage during usage.

Controls: High/Low with Pulse Option

Container: 4.55 L Stainless Steel Container

Motor: 3/4 Hp.

220-240 Volts, 50-60 Hz., 675W

Triple Spindle Drink Mixer

model: HMD400

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•Mixes up to twice as fast with more powerful 1/3 Hp motors (300W rated)
•Minimized motor vibration - each motor is individually balanced
•3 speeds for maximum mixing control

•Heavy-duty, die cast construction
•Motors are built to last with sealed, permanently lubricated ball bearings
Ease of Use

•Motor starts automatically when cup is inserted into cup guide and stops when cup is removed
•Removable cup guides clean up quickly in the dishwasher
Optimum Output - The ideal choice for high-volume milkshake prep.

Drink Mixer

model: HMD200

Summit® High-Performance Blender with Auto Blend

64oz polycarbonate container
model: HBH850

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•Auto Blend stops blender when drink reaches the perfect consistency
•Wave~Action® system continually forces mixture down into the blades
•Super-creamy drink profile

•3 Hp motor with all-metal drive coupling
•Jar pad sensor helps prevent "wear & tear"
•Unique airflow baffle keeps unit cool and prevents water ingress
Ease of Use

•Auto Blend "One-Touch Sensor Blending"
•Easy-to-clean controls
•Timer with automatic shutoff
•Stackable 64 oz. polycarbonate container
•USB port for future program updates
•Quiet Shield™ sound enclosure

Tempest® High-Performance Blender

64oz PC container
model: HBH650

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•Wave~Action™ system continually forces mixture down into the blades
•Super-creamy drink profile Durability

•3 Hp motor with all-metal drive coupling
•Jar pad sensor helps prevent “wear & tear”
Ease of Use

•Easy-to-clean controls
•2 speeds, jump cycle & pulse button
•Timer with automatic shutoff
•Stackable 64 oz. polycarbonate container

64oz S/S Food Blender

model: HBF-400

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The Hamilton Beach Commercial HBF400 food blender is dependable, rugged, fast, and easy to use. The HBF400's design was made with the dependability in mind. Perfect for any kitchen up to and including the most demanding, the HBF400 meets and exceeds expectations. This blender is ideal for precision blending, mixing, chopping, and pureeing.

Powerful 1 HP Motor

64 oz. Stainles steel container

Timer with automatic shutoff

2 speeds with pulse

Sure Grip® Feet

32oz S/S Bar Blender

Model: HBB250S

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Wave-Action™ system continually forces mixture down into the blades for smooth results
Blends a 16 oz. daiquiri in just 20 seconds
Powerful 1/2 HP motor
High/low and on/off/pulse toggle switches are easy to reach and control
Removable filler cap
32 oz. stainless steel container
4 stainless steel blades
Sure Grip™ feet

44oz Bar Blender PC Container

Model: 908

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This budget conscious blender from Hamilton Beach features no-frills operation with a simple on/off switch. Blends a 16 oz. daiquiri in just 25 seconds.

25 Second Daiquiri:
When thirsty customers are waiting, you can blend 16 oz. drinks in 25 seconds flat.

Two Speeds:
Offers versatility and precision blending for a wide variety of food and drink mixtures.

Durable Stainless Steel Blades:
Four stainless steel blades are made to last and get the job done fast.

Large 1.3ltr (44 oz.) Container:
Break resistant polycarbonate container with filler-cap and easy-to-read measurement marks makes filling and pouring easy.